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Termos e Condições no Brazil

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Abaixo Termos e Condições da UNIFF LLC



The University of Informatics and Faith in Florida, governed by the company UNIFF LLC, Limited Liability Company, Document Number L20000061240, based in 7901 4Th St N, Ste 300, St. Petersburg, FL 33702, in this act represented by title manager, Mr. Gabriel, Patrick Antonucci, brazilian, businessperson, denominated University, and the client, here titled as student.

These terms govern the use of our platform of services that facilitate communications between university and students. Being the presentation carried out through our domains, at the addresses: ; ; ; ; ; and, may be modified, reallocated or redacted in due course. Our services, platform, website are collectively referred to as “UNIFF LLC”.

Before proceeding, it is essential that you read and understand all terms and conditions governing this contract.

Progression and handling of UNIFF LLC constitutes a manifestation of consent and acceptance of compliance with the required terms and conditions, establishing in fact and in law a contractual relationship between you (student) and UNIFF LLC. These terms expressly supersede previous contracts or agreements with you. The UNIFF LLC will decide anytime for immediate cancellation, with all due respect to you and the process, or in general, enable or disable access to the UNIFF Systems or any of its parties, at any time and for any reason. And we do not refund registration fees.

Modifications will be valid at the time of publication by UNIFF LLC of the updated terms in this section, with the consent of the student. Your continued access to or use of UNIFF Systems after this posting constitutes your consent to be bound by the terms and conditions cited below:

– Your access levels will be unlocked as required by the established goals;
– Any and all information arising from the services provided are considered confidential. It must not be disclosed or shared, under penalty of a contractual fine in the amount of $50,000.
– UNIFF LLC is exempt from any professional relationship with the student.
– It will be the responsibility of student the taxes related to social security and hospital insurance.
– The cancellation of the contract in the USA implies the payment of a fine in the full amount to the contracted party.
– Termination of the contract in another country will follow the terms of the representative company.

By clicking on “Register”, or “Accept”, or “Register User”, or any button to proceed with your access or registration on our Portal, or Platform, at the end of this contract, you will be legally bound by all terms and conditions present here as a student.

If you do not agree with any of the provided rules, you shall not accept this term and shall not agree to this contract. If you have any questions about the rules set forth herein, please contact our legal department. Via legal E-mail:

I, [Student Name and Last Name], [CPF or SSN], accept all terms and conditions contained herein.

Purpose of the contract: Provide digital and remote services for the University UNIFF LLC systems.

Services: It will be the responsibility of the student to manage the tools, study, read, create and write content within the platform. And other tasks and demands that may arise.

Payment: The student must pay according to the contracted amount. As listed below:

A) They will be able to pay in their local currency, as long as it is transferred to a company accredited by UNIFF LLC.
B) The student can pay in Dollars through the Paypal system or in another way.
C) The amount for the early termination of the contract must be paid in a single installment.

Delivery times: The student must deliver his production according to the target targets:
A) Obligatory Activities.
B) The contents of the platform will have targets set within the working week.

Copyright: All content generated during the fulfillment of the tasks established for UNIFF LLC are the exclusive property of University. And I acknowledge that any content created by me is the property of UNIFF LLC. For the purpose of my resume and presentation of my experience, I will only be able to cite and demonstrate in my portfolio the work carried out as long as it does not jeopardize the confidentiality agreement with UNIFF.

Contract termination: The current contract may be terminated by UNIFF LLC at any time. The contract by the student can only be terminated after payment of the fee established by the university.

GENERAL PROVISIONS: The student declares that you have read, understood and accepted the terms of this service provision agreement by clicking on Advance or Register.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the courses offered by UNIFF LLC, a private company, the University of Informatics and Faith in Florida – UNIFF is accredited in the State of Florida as UNIFF LLC, document number L20000061240, based at 7901 4th St N , STE 4000, St. Petersburg, FL 33702, hereinafter represented in accordance with its Articles of Association, hereinafter referred to as “UNIFF LLC”.

Before proceeding, it is essential that you read and understand all the terms and conditions that govern the acquisition of our educational programs.

1. Our service
1.1. You are purchasing an educational program, of varying duration, and non-formal, in an online format, made available virtually by UNIFF LLC.
1.2. The course certificate is made available at the end of the course.
1.3. The educational program purchased is for your personal and individual use. Accordingly, you may not in any way: share, copy, sell or publicly display part or all of the content of any of our educational programs contained in the educational program.
1.4. The educational program offered is for educational purposes only. We are not responsible for any action or decision taken based on the information and content of our educational programs.

2. About subscriptions to educational programs
2.1. Your subscription will continue according to the financial plan chosen at the time of enrolling the educational program.
2.2. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Check the cancellation policy in this term in the item below, 2.3.
2.3. We do not reverse the investment in case of withdrawal for any reason presented by the student. In addition to demanding payment for breach of contract.

3. Partner educational program
3.1. The UNIFF LLC portal offers training for various partners. You can check the partner on our website.
3.2. For information on the presentation of the content, evaluation and certificate please contact our service team: Teacher Central

4. Procurement procedures
4.1. First, you must register on our website, providing some information. Don’t worry, your personal information and data provided will be stored in our systems in a confidential and secure manner. We will not make any misuse, nor will we disclose your data to any third party without your permission.
4.2. The information provided in the registration must be accurate, precise and true, and you are committed to updating the registration whenever there is any change in your data. We will be able to use all legal means to confirm the veracity of this data, although we are not responsible, under any circumstances, for incorrect or untrue data reported by you. That is, you guarantee and assume responsibility for the veracity, accuracy and authenticity of all data you provide to us.
4.3. If, at any time, we identify untrue data, we may cancel your registration and, if applicable, revoke certificates already granted.
4.4. After completing the registration, you will receive an email with your username and access information. These data are for personal, non-transferable and exclusive use and cannot be passed on to third parties. You therefore assume full responsibility for your custody and confidentiality, with the obligation to prevent them from being used by others.
4.5. We strongly recommend that you change your password periodically and that you do not use passwords that make it easier for others to guess, such as phone numbers, addresses, birth dates, family names, and more.
4.6. With your username and password you will be able to access the portal and make the educational programs contained in your subscription educational program.
4.7. After confirmation of payment, access to the educational program will be released within 96 hours.

5. Minimum requirements to purchase an educational program
5.1. In order for you to be able to watch our educational programs, there are a few minimum requirements:
(i) internet access, with recommended speed above 128 kbps. In case of using a proxy: release rule without authentication for the entire UNIFF LLC domain (* .uniff.*);
(ii) microcomputer, recommended with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor or equivalent configuration and recommended 1GB RAM;
(iii) browser: minimum Mozilla Firefox 4.0, Chrome 8, Internet Explorer 7 or Safari 5. It is recommended to use the newest versions of browsers, even though the LMS also has compatibility with the old versions;
(iv) Anti pop-up disabled;
(v) Screen resolution: Recommended minimum: 1024 x 768 (vi) Java plugins and Flash player 10 + installed;
(vii) Reader of PDF files;
(viii) In case of using videos, it will be necessary to have an educational program reproducing digital media;
(ix) Educational programs with voiceover and multimedia educational reprograms: sound card and output device such as headset or speakers.
5.2. By accepting this Term of Adhesion you are declaring and guaranteeing that you meet all of these minimum requirements, knowing that our educational programs may not work properly if they are not met.


6. About payment
6.1. For your greater security, convenience and comfort, all management and payment processing procedures for the educational program have been delegated to companies specialized exclusively in this task, which you certainly already know.
6.2. Therefore, when purchasing an Educational Program on our portal, payment is managed and executed entirely and exclusively by one of our service providers.
6.3 Student subject to additional fees

7. About the catalog of educational programs
7.1. We may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, change the catalog of educational programs offered, stopping offering any courses included in the educational program.
7.2. Changing the catalog, however, will not alter your right to complete a course already purchased or to receive the certificate for that course.

8. Our support
8.1. You will have our support in technical access questions about the educational program purchased.
8.2. The support channels are via chat via WhatsApp via Teacher Central. 
Trilingual service (English, Spanish and Portuguese). Maximum wait between interactions of 312 working hours. 

Support Link:

9. Educational Programs
9.1 Our educational programs aim exclusively at training the candidate by transmitting only knowledge.
9.2 The referral to secondary educational programs takes place after the delivery of the assessments required in our educational program.
9.3 UNIFF LLC’s programs have peculiarities different from their country of origin, among them: self-service modality, separate course and charged for modules, accelerated course project, and the candidate’s training is carried out through research made by him, at any time UNIFF LLC may request extra activities to compose the course program, and at the end it is mandatory to present an academic article based on the desired training. Master’s and Doctorate degree courses follow another structure (University examining board and Hague apostille are charged separately). In our collection you will find material in the public domain and provided in partnership by companies in your country.

10. About system crashes and malware
10.1. It is our duty to strive to ensure that the system is always operational and in perfect working order, but we are not responsible for isolated and temporary unavailability, for technical reasons or for failures in the global network. Always plan to complete the educational programs in advance, as eventually there may be congestion on our portal, and even bugs in the adopted system.
10.2. We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by failures in the system, server or worldwide computer network, resulting from lawful or unlawful acts performed by third parties.
10.3. It is your responsibility to keep your system protected from viruses and other malware. Thus, we are not responsible for damages caused by viruses and malware as a result of accessing, using or browsing the website or as a result of the transfer of data, files, images, text or audio contained therein.

11. Withdrawals / Cancellations / Refunds
11.1. Subscription to educational programs: cancellation will not be allowed if the user accesses more than one course of their educational program, even if within the period of 07 (seven) days, since access to the first course gives the user the possibility to try the subscription model.
11.2. The request for the interruption of automatic debits (recurrence) by credit card must be made up to 48 (forty-eight) hours before the date of the educational program gives for the next debit through the cancellation procedure on the website.
11.3. Any Educational Programs may be canceled with the knowledge that no refund is foreseen, or transfer of the amounts invested by the student until the date of request for cancellation. The student will have to pay for the termination of the contract a fee to be defined by the university. May have to pay the total amount of the investment or partial at the discretion of UNIFF.
11.4. After issuing the certificate, cancellation and refund of the amount will not be granted under any circumstances.
11.5. Retroactive debts will not be canceled, regardless of the use or not of the service made available to the student, in such a way that the Portal is not responsible for debts prior to the date of request for cancellation. Therefore, proportional amounts will not be refunded, since the course is entirely available to the student.
11.6. In case of payments by bank slip or debit, the refund will only be made to the bank account in the name of the user who made the purchase.
11.7. FOR OTHER CASES NOT PROVIDED FOR IN THIS POLICY and for us to motivate the exchange or return of a course, we ask that you contact our team to negotiate an alternative aiming at your satisfaction.

12. Other issues
12.1. When using our Portal and services, you can find shortcuts to access third party websites. Stay tuned, as these sites are beyond our control and diligence. Accordingly, we assume no responsibility, express or implied, for the content of these third party sites.
12.2. We also reinforce that the indication of shortcuts to third party internet sites on our portal and in our educational programs does not mean that we endorse and approve such sites, consisting of a mere suggestion of access.
12.3. Although none of our educational programs are offered with illegal or immoral content, it is important that you know that, due to your individuality, you may eventually have access to content that, in your opinion, may be considered offensive, inappropriate or inappropriate. Therefore, the use of our portal is at your own risk, and it is up to you to sort the content that you will acquire and view, without any responsibility from us.
12.4. The UNIFF LLC membership agreement is the formal document elected to govern our relationship.
12.5. Now that you have read all the terms and conditions of our educational programs, you can indicate whether you agree with all of them by clicking on “Accept” or “Register” and purchasing the course of your choice!

No Brazil, elegemos também a empresa 4U para reger o contrato, fazer valer o direito, e administrar as cobranças entre nossa instituição e o estudante.

Nosso Mural de Recados e lançamento de orientações é o nosso Instagram.

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